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All parents and teachers are urged to join the PTA to unite home, school, and the community for our children.  Money raised through dues and fundraising is used for cultural arts assemblies, after-school programs, field trips, instructional equipment and materials, and similar needs.  We are always very grateful to our parents, teachers, staff, and the community for their continued generosity and support.

2021-22 PTA Meetings



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PTA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

 May 13, 2021


Old Business:

  • Tory Burch bag raffle made over $400, thank you to Mary Jo Callanan for donating the bag.
  • Plant Sale didn’t make as much as in the past because extra plants were purchased so every student got one.
  • Thanks to Kim Smith for organizing and putting together Teacher Appreciation Week.  Also, thank you to Kerrie Vance, Katherine Brungart, Christina Babiak, and Margaret Soldano for their help.  Every staff member received gift cards and a catered lunch.  There were also other gifts and raffles.
  • School Nurse Day: yard sign was put out for Mrs. Daly, special thanks to her this year!
  • Pita Greek Meal Deal made $50, thanks to Alison Gerondel for organizing and setting up all the meal deals throughout the year, they all add up!


New Business:

  • Crystal Springs Raffle winner is Helen Prestage.
  • Be on the lookout for a Father’s Day raffle.
  • Field Day Week ends tomorrow.   Food was collected for People to People. Thanks to Caitlin Maloney for organizing the shirts, every student received one.  Also thanks to the Spirit Week Committee: Alexis Flaherty, Lauren Manning, Gina Whalen, Brianne Curley, and Laura Brauer.
  • Trish Reilly reported on the Evans Park PTA Scholarship.  This year there were only 12 submissions(the lowest it has ever been).  Applicants submitted a google form on a memory from their time at Evans Park. The random drawing winners were Jack McDonald & Caitlin McNamara.  Thank You to Tricia Reilly & Alexis Flaherty.
  • 4th Grade Promotion is June 16th, there is a yard sign fundraiser and the gift this year is personalized towels.
  • There is a search for a new Evans Park Principal, parents were on the interview committee, the goal of the Board of Education is to announce the new principal at the June 8th board meeting.  The new Principal will meet with Mrs. Lynch.
  • There is a Tri-State Consortium focused on what was learned from the pandemic, what to continue doing and what not to.  There is a focus group with Dr. Roelle on May 20th if anyone is interested.
  • Budget and Board of Education member vote on Tuesday May 18th.  Please get out and vote YES for the budget.


Treasurer's Report:

  • Tory Burch bag raffle made over $400.
  • Father’s Day themed raffle coming up.
  • Box Tops brought in $710.  Thank You to Patrice Montalto!
  • Thank you to everyone who donated to the Teacher Appreciation collection!
  • Plant Sale broke even for a good cause.


School Board Report:

  • The budget was discussed.
  • Staffing hires, such as Mrs. Bender’s replacement.
  • Next meeting is May 18th.



  • Getting the word out for the budget vote.
  • The Teacher’s Union representative attended.
  • Next meeting is June 3rd. 



  • Still working on advanced report cards, there will be no changes this year.
  • Next Meeting is May 18th.


Budget Presentation by Dr. Pochintesta and Mrs. Tromer


Principal’s Report:

  • Mrs. Lynch said the kids are doing an amazing job! They have been all year especially with following the new protocols.  That is the reason we had Spirit Week & Field Day. Feedback was very positive from the children.
  • Staff Appreciation Week was amazing!  It was a wonderful display of appreciation.
  • Going forward, may want to keep the Plant Sale in the same format for the children, it was nice to have the selection of plants all the same sizes & no hanging baskets for the children to carry home. A separate “adult” plant sale could be held for bigger & different plants.  Didn’t anticipate so many children not signing up to purchase plants.  Hopefully next year people will remember & pay for some plants.
  • If there was ever a year to appreciate your school nurse it is definitely this year.  Mrs. Daly is always available on weekends, as well as Mrs. Zeppetella.
  • Letter went out to 4th grade parents, there will be an in person promotion ceremony outdoors.  There will also be a 4th Grade Day, which is a first. Special areas teachers will set up all sorts of different activities outside just for the 4th graders and there will be a pizza lunch.  The Promotion ceremony was moved a week back in case of bad weather.
  • Kindergarten Screening is taking place the first week of June in person at the district office.  Evans Park teachers will be going there as they have in the past.  Registration was done online but happy to do the screening in person.
  • It is hard to say there are good things about a pandemic but we can take what we learned and use it moving forward.  
  • “Return, Recovery, and Regrowth” was not in our vernacular in December when Mrs. Lynch posted her retirement letter but it is time for Evans Park to move on, there is going to be a big rebuilding in the next coming years that takes place and it would be wonderful for a new leader to do that with the staff.  Timing is right and Mrs. Lynch’s years in Pearl River have been a privilege!


Next meeting is Thursday June 10th.

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2021-22 PTA Executive Board

Dan Robins  danrobins19@gmail.com 

Co-Vice Presidents 
Co-VPs of Committees - Alexis Flaherty  alexisflaherty@hotmail.com
                                                 Sheila Cory  sheilacory@optonline.net
VP of After School Activities - Katie Basler  kbasler79@gmail.com

Kimberly Smith   kimberly@smithcoolingandheating.com

Recording Secretary
Katie Smith   katherine.mcgrath@yahoo.com

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Lauren Manning   lcrowley2@gmail.com

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